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Every year, during the influenza season (November-April), the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) publishes weekly analyses of epidemiological and virological data.


A periodic report integrating the findings of various surveillance systems of influenza-like illnesses: severe cases (Monitoring of severe and complicated forms of confirmed influenza), SISMG (Surveillance system of daily mortality), InfluWeb (Web-based surveillance system of influenza-like illnesses), InfluNet-Epi (Epidemiological surveillance system of influenza-like illnesses), InfluNet-Vir (Virological surveillance system of influenza). The objective is to provide as comprehensive a picture as possible of the spread of influenza-like illnesses during the epidemic period by integrating the various surveillance systems. FluNews is produced by the ISS with support from the ISI foundation and the Department of Epidemiology (DEP) of the Lazio regional health service.


Publication date: 4 January 2021