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Project Outputs


From this section it is possible to access and/or download the final outputs of the project, summarizing and analyzing VINTAGE results.



VINTAGE report “Alcohol and older people: a public health perspective: results of the systematic review of formal scientific literature on the impact of alcohol consumption on the health and well-being of older people


VINTAGE report “Best practices on preventing the harmful use of alcohol amongst older people, including transition from work to retirement: results of the survey addressed to professionals and researchers throughout Europe and of the grey literature review concerning effective policies and programmes on the prevention of alcohol use among older people


VINTAGE "Database on Best Practices": information on the main initiatives aimed at preventing or reducing harmful alcohol use among older people collected through the survey conducted at European level

VINTAGE "Grey Literature Database": information on all documents retrieved through the grey literature review of projects, programs, good practices, laws and infrastructures aimed at preventing the harmful alcohol use in the elderly


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