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Main Partner


ISS - Istituto Superiore di SanitÓ

Population Health and Health Determinants Unit-CNESPS

WHO Collaborating Centre for Research & Health Promotion on Alcohol and Alcohol-Related Health Problems

Rome, Italy (

Emanuele Scafato - project leader

Lucia Galluzzo - project coordinator

Sonia Martire - administrative assistant

Claudia Gandin -

Silvia Ghirini -



Associated Partners


UNIMAAS - Maastricht University

School for Public Health and Primary Care: Caphri

Maastricht, Netherlands (

Onno van Schayck -

Peter Anderson -


GENCAT – Government of Catalonia

Department of Health

Program on Substance Abuse

Barcelona, Spain (

Joan Colom -

Lidia Segura -


IAS - Institute of Alcohol Studies

Huntingdon United Kingdom (

Andrew McNeill -

Helen Murphy -


IVZ - Institute of Public Health

Research Centre

Ljubljana, Slovenia (

Sandra Radoš Krnel -


THL – National Institute for Health and Welfare

Helsinki, Finland (

Salme Ahlstr÷m -

Esa Ísterberg -


SZU – National Institute of Public Health

Coordination, Monitoring and Research Unit

Praha, Czech Republic ( )

Hana Sovinova -



Collaborating Partners


University of Bergen - Bergen, Norway

Maurice Mittlemark


DHS - Deutsche Haupstelle fŘr Suchtfragen - Hamm, Germany 

Walter Farke


STAP - National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention - Utrecht, Netherlands

Wim van Dalen


HCPB - Hospital Clinic I Provincial de Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain

Antoni Gual


Center on Aging, National Research Council, University of Padua - Padua, Italy

Stefania Maggi


Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences, University of Florence - Florence, Italy

Domenico Inzitari


Memory Unit, Center for Aging Brain, Department of Geriatrics, University of Bari - Bari, Italy

Antonio Capurso


SIA - SocietÓ Italiana di Alcologia - Bologna, Italy

Valentino Patussi



Tiziana Codenotti


Centro Alcologico Regione Toscana - Florence, Italy

Valentino Patussi


AICAT - Associazione Italiana Club Alcolisti in trattamento - Salerno, Italy

Aniello Baselice


UniversitÓ Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Istituto Medicina Interna e Geriatria - Rome, Italy

Roberto Bernabei



Associated Partners


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