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Epidemiology - SEIEVA data



Time-series data on the incidence of viral hepatitis A, B and C cases reported since 1985 (first year of the SEIEVA surveillance) are presented annually and enable analysis of trends over time. Incidence rates by age (from 2009) and, for all types of hepatitis, the characteristics of the reported cases and main risk factors are also presented every year.


Pandemic and other viral infections: first signs of impact?


Hepatitis A




Hepatitis B




*≥ 16 years


Hepatitis C



*≥ 16 years



Hepatitis E







  • Participation in SEIEVA is voluntary. Currently, 14 Regions and Autonomous Provinces are entirely members of SEIEVA, while 6 regions only partially, the total coverage of about 83% of the Italian population. Molise is the only region that does not adhere to surveillance.



Publication date: 15 January 2021