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Communication material

As part of the surveillance, communication material is distributed to Vaccination Centres and surgeries of primary care paediatricians to provide correct information on key determinants of health in young children, and advise on healthcare professionals and reference websites that can offer further details and clarification.


Originally developed for the GenitoriPi├╣ programme of Region Veneto, the communication material was updated, in terms of both content and design, to better reflect the purpose of the Surveillance. This was done in collaboration with local health unit 9 of Region Veneto.


  • The multilingual poster (available in Arabic, Chinese, English and Hindi - pdf 2.6 Mb) is designed to disseminate simple and clear information on health promotion in young children.
  • The multilingual brochure (available in Arabic, Chinese, English and Hindi - pdf 2.7 Mb) is intended for parents and outlines several aspects relating to perinatal health and the care of young children. It is designed to deliver clear, simple and complete messages and direct parents to appropriate services and information sources. Key messages aimed at promoting the physical and mental health of children are included at the back of the brochure and translated into Arabic, Chinese, English and Hindi.


Page last reviewed: 30 April 2020

Reviewed by: Enrica Pizzi - Centro Nazionale per la Prevenzione delle malattie e la Promozione della Salute, CNAPPS, ISS